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Business Lessons To Take You Into 2016 with Leon Henry and Cabrini Schnyder

December 31st, 2015|0 Comments

Today we take a look at some business lessons to take you into 2016. I will be talking to two business giants, Cabrini Schnyder, creator of the Law of F THATT and Leon Henry, Founder of Caribbean Online Training   [...]

Top 10 Questions Asked When Starting a New Business

December 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

Today on Beyond The Hustle, I will be taking a look at the top 10 questions nonpreneurs ask when starting their own business ventures.    

Creating a Facebook Ad

November 26th, 2015|0 Comments

Today on Beyond The Hustle, we will be talking about how to create a Facebook Ad. Facebook has one of the best advertising platforms on the internet and I will show you how to make the best use of it. [...]

Going From Nonpreneur to Entrepreneur with Cabrini Schnyder

November 12th, 2015|1 Comment

I am very excited about this episode of "Beyond the Hustle" In this episode I speak to business coach and mentor Cabrini Schnyder, creator of "The Law of F That". This episode is for you if you are currently not [...]

Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

November 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Today on Beyond the Hustle we will take a look at some of the elements of a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy   We had some issues with the show tonight, the Blab platform was acting up, however this didn't [...]

Developing a Culture of Entrepreneurship in Grenada

November 3rd, 2015|2 Comments

Over the past years, Grenada has been plagued with many economic problems which unfortunately don’t have a “one size fits all solution”. In an effort to eradicate Grenada’s financial concerns, one of the most popular approaches often taken is that [...]

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As a small business owner, I trust Kimron's expert knowledge of Facebook marketing to make the most of my campaigns. He stays on top of the evolving and dynamic Facebook platform giving me the best opportunity for the most success for my business.
Laura Regine
Laura Regine
Kimron is great to work with, as he has a brilliant mind, and a unique desire to help others. He is always encouraging entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams, and he constantly shares his knowledge for the benefit of others. I'd recommend him to anyone!-
Christina Hunte
Christina Hunte
"It has been great working with Kimron and his team. He's very responsive and willing to work with me to stay within my budget. The result was excellent. I would definitely recommend!"
Adriana Meijerik

Adriana Meijerik